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About us
The essence of Bigsoso

Tradition and modernity. Two very simple words sum up the essence of Bigsoso, a company that was waiting for all the Mac users for quite some time. A company that is always one step ahead of the wishes of the client.
Bigsoso is synonymous with effectiveness. And so our flagship product is a multifunctional bag to carry the imac, a briefcase that has different straps that can be worn round the shoulders, back as a backpack or handles.

The idea came in the middle of a trip, we discovered that there was no way to comfortably carry 24-inch iMac that we had just bought. The bags on the market, too big or too small, they seemed very useless, and we feel the need to fill this gap we found.

At that moment, we began to spin in the lead and the result was a kind of bag-wallet in different colors and sizes are now available for all Mac lovers for Mac is a symbol of class and our case is the best company.

We offer the best customer and we work with the best craftsmen in the city of La Paz (Bolivia), a town on the peaks, more than 4,000 meters above sea level that feeds us height materials such as leather flame. And distributed throughout the world, as we said at the beginning, two words: tradition and modernity.

Bigsoso is dedicated all those who work hard to get something productive for this world.